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Cloud Business Hosting Super Fast & Reliable with 100% up-time  SLA Risk Free for 60 Days.

Easy to sign up, cancel anytime with no hassle.

SuperfastVPS Cloud Business Hosting provides the ultimate commercial website hosting experience, delivering the power and performance that you need, to keep your website running strong during peak times of demand without fail. Our cloud business hosting customers also enjoy the affordability and convenience of our managed cloud based web hosting platform, as it eliminates the time and cost burden of buying, maintaining and supporting web servers on their own. Our Cloud Business hosting includes semi dedicated CPU and RAM so you have full control without to share a server with thousand of other websites.

We offer the best cloud business hosting services in the marketplace today, with our network of powerful  cloud servers located in multiple data centers, and mirrored at 2 locations around the globe. And with our 100% up-time guarantee you can count on your website being available without interruption, keeping your sales rolling in around the clock, for a more profitable business.

Our business hosting services are an ideal solution for web stores and dynamic websites alike, providing super fast page loads, smooth video streaming and more, empowering the promotion of your brand online without a glitch. Whether your site is built on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop or any other popular platform, you’ll never have to worry about losing customers to the competition due to an under performing website, when you make the smart move to SuperfastVPS Business Hosting today.

Cloud Business  hosting with 100% Up-time SLA Pricing & Plans.

Cloud-Basic SSD
Dedicated 1 vCPU & 1GB vRam
Free instant setup
Free Website Migration
20GB Storage Space
400 GB Data Transfer
Unlimited add on Domains
Unlimited email accounts
Redundant Super DNS
Dedicated IP US or EU
FREE SSL 256bit Certificate
Easy to use Control Panel
24/7 Super-Fast Support (Help Desk,Chat,Phone)
Cloud-Standard SSD
Dedicated 1 vCPU & 1GB vRam
Free instant setup
Free Website Migration
40GB Storage Space
600 GB Data Transfer
Unlimited add on Domains
Unlimited email accounts
Redundant super DNS
Dedicated IP ( US & EU)
FREE SSL 256bit Certificate
Easy to use Control Panel
24/7 Super-Fast Support(Help Desk,Chat,Phone)
Cloud-Pro SSD
Dedicated 2 vCPU & 2GB Ram
Free instant setup
Free Website Migration
60GB SSD Storage Space
1000 GB Data Transfer
Unlimited add one Domains
Unlimited email accounts
Redundant super DNS
Dedicated Ip’s  (US or EU)
FREE SSL 256bit Certificate
Easy to use Control Panel
24/7 Super-Fast Support(Help Desk,Chat,Phone)

Our Managed Business Hosting Service in the Cloud is Packed with a Number of Great Features.

Maximize your site’s performance with a solution that offers guaranteed uptimes, powerful management tools and easy upgrade options.

Instant Set-up Within Sec
Get your website up and running with just a few clicks, with our easy site building tools. Attractive design templates, superior blogging platforms and a number popular e-commerce applications provide everything that you need to launch a dynamic website or online store in minutes.
 Cloud  VPS technology
Get the website hosting strength that you truly need, with our cloud based virtual private server technology. Our hosting services are powered by multiple servers and DNS mirrored around the globe, resulting in 100% uptime availability for any website that you host with us. You also get Semi-Dedicated CPU and RAM just for your site.
 Easy to Use control Panel
We provide a simple yet powerful control panel based on DirectADmin CP that makes website maintenance super easy. Our user-friendly tools allow you to install and configure email accounts, DNS settings, IPs, software and more, with the minimal amount of effort, helping you launch and run an awesome website faster than ever before.
Search engine optimized
We offer the most optimized hosting services in the marketplace today, with co-located servers around the globe that provide reliable website hosting packed with a powerful punch. With our advanced SEO hosting, your site visitors will experience the rush of a super fast loading website, while you experience the rush of a website that soars to the top of the search engines.
 Fully Scalable 
Expanding your web presence is never a hassle, with the fully scalable cloud website hosting services that we offer. Upgrading your business hosting service is super easy with us, with the options of a managed VPS Server and/or dedicated Servers, which offer the power and control that you need to run any website or application.
 e-Commerce Ready
Selling online is simple with the software that we provide in our user-friendly control panel. No matter which Business Hosting plan you choose, you’ll have access to over 350 applications that install with just a few clicks, including WordPress, Joomla, Presta Online Store, Drupal, forums, chats, image galleries and more.

Includes other features:

  • – Instant set-up within seconds
  • – Fully Managed 24/7 Support
  • Semi-Dedicated CPU & Ram
  • – Dedicated IP Included
  • – Over 350 single-click apps
  • – Guaranteed 100%  Uptime SLA

Need a custom Cloud Business Hosting Plan? We can offer custom cloud business hosting plans for up to 16GB of Ram and 1 million page views per month Request a custom quote.

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