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Partner Program

Partner Program for Designers, Developers and Agencies

Earn up to $2000 a month easy. Make money with us!

Using SuperfastVPS partner program,  you’ll get exclusive access to a comprehensive lineup of benefits including discount up to 50% , promotions, educational tools, free marketing collateral and more!

Partner with us and get exclusive advantages and up to 50%  for referring customers to us. We are now offering Free Web hosting for Web Designers and Developers for their own website.

Simply refer your customers or place a few text links on your web site or blog. You will receive an initial bonus deposit in your affiliate account of $100.00!

Earn up to 50% for  the first payment each customer you refer to us makes for the entire duration of their hosting account monthly or annual.
When you refer someone to our website with your unique referral ID, a 360 Days cookie is placed on their computer containing this ID so if they bookmark the site and come back later you will still receive the commission.

Are you a power player?  Please submit a sales ticket to learn how you can earn additional incentives (increased commission rates, bonuses, etc.) for bringing in a higher volume of referrals. We already paid over $20,000 to our top affiliate last year.

REFERRED ACTIVE CUSTOMERS Cloud Hosting Cloud  Servers
Less than 10 20% 10%
More than 10 30% 20%
More than  20 50% 30%

Generate 20 cloud hosting sales and get paid:

20*95= $1900 plus $100 bonus Total:$2000


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