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Why choose SuperfastVPS?

Consumers face a problem of epidemic proportions, when it comes to finding a high quality, reliable website hosting company these days. It’s truly a jungle out there, with a countless number of companies springing up and luring customers in with rock bottom prices, without the necessary infrastructure that’s required for optimal performance, or the necessary levels of customer support.

By selling more than they can deliver at super cheap prices, these companies are able to get a continuous stream of new customers. But their customers soon discover that the low price they paid, comes with some serious sacrifices, like poor site performance, slow page load times, crashed servers and beyond.

SuperfastVPS offers customers the best of both worlds, with super fast and reliable website hosting and virtual servers, at super affordable rates. Our customers also get the world-class support that they need, to keep their websites and virtual servers up and running 24/7/365, without interruption. So if you’re tired of dealing with slick daddies and crazy gators in the jungle, it’s time to make your move to SuperfastVPS.


When you choose SuperfastVPS, you’ll experience the following benefits:

Exceptional Value
An increasing number of customers are switching to our company every day, as they discover the exceptional value that we offer. With the world-class technology, award-winning support and cutting-edge security features that are included with every service that we provide, plus our super-affordable prices, our customers know that they are getting the best deal on web hosting and VPS services to be found anywhere.

Superior Reputation
For over a decade, our company has been leading the way as an innovator in the web hosting services industry, and scores of customers around the globe rely on our company, to keep their web services and apps functioning at optimal levels every day. Our customers love the services that our company provides, as well as our straightforward pricing and world class support that’s second to none, which has created a loyal base fans who are just as passionate about our services as we are.

World-Class Technology
We utilize the best open-source cloud virtualization technologies and control panel software around, delivering superior performance and easy account management for every service that our company offers. Our customers also gain the benefit of our sophisticated provisioning system, that’s like no other. Our automated cloud services platform handles 99.5% of the work in our data center, including all VPS install, restore and reboot requests, providing the services that our customers need, at a lightning fast pace. But even with all of this automation, our customers can rest assured that we never cut corners, when it comes to providing any technical support that they need.

Award-Winning Support
Run by web hosting veterans with over a decade of experience in the industry, you’re always in good hands when using any of our company’s services. You can also always rest easy with the 24/7/365 expert level support that we provide, through our live chat feature and help desk, with a guaranteed response in 30 minutes or less. Our award-winning support is just one of the many reasons why SuperfastVPS continues to rise, as one of the top choices in the web hosting and VPS services in the marketplace.

24/7 Security, Monitoring & Data Backup Protection   
Your data is always safe with us, as we monitor our networks around the clock, taking proactive measures to keep our web hosting and virtual server platform secure and running like a champ, with guaranteed 99.999% uptimes. We also have deployed the most advanced firewall technology around, providing a segmented layer of protection for your files and data on our virtual servers, that can’t be penetrated by any other user on our

Guaranteed Network Availability

Our geo-optimized servers located in data centers throughout the US, EU & Asia, provide guaranteed 99.99% availability for our network, delivering the most reliable web hosting and VPS hosting that you can find in the marketplace. Plus, we’re always working to improve and expand our infrastructure through an ongoing data center evaluation process, which ensures that we’re always able to deliver the best technology and performance to every customer.

Money Back Guarantee 

Our customers are generally extremely satisfied with our services, but in case you are not, we will provide a full refund of your Web Hosting service fees (excluding domain names), when you cancel within 60 days, or your VPS Hosting service fees, when you cancel within 15 days. You can also cancel any of the services that we offer at any time, and receive a refund on the unused portion of your services, without a hassle.

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